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StartUp Engineers


11-18 years old


1-1.5 hour
once a week


Clubs in schools or in our classroom


Electricity and Programming

StartUp Engineers classes were developed especially for teenagers aged 11-18

To enjoy experiential learning of interesting topics in engineering along with developing leadership, creative thinking and group belonging

Engineering thinking, code development, project planning – these are some of the topics that the students will acquire in the class and will make them think outside the box and learn with real interest.
How do we do it?

Each period is divided by project, at the beginning, we will study all the topics relevant to the project and at the end, the students will build the project with professional guidance and support

'StartUp Engineers' is the first and one-of-a-kind engineering class that makes learning experiential, stimulating, and most importantly - fun!

Step by step, your child will become an Engineer!

Our method

We do things differently (:

Our class is delivered in an experiential, interactive way while fully listening to the needs of the participants and age adjustments.

Every week we will embark on unforgettable adventures!

To advance in the game in each class, we will solve engineering problems while learning basic principles and concepts in engineering, programming, electricity, and more.

Engineering club at or avner
Fun classes

We encourage children to participate in classes without fear while being closely accompanied and professionally trained.

Our teachers are professionals from the fields taught in the programs and have undergone professional training.

We emphasize attention for every child – so that each participant leaves the class with a sense of achievement and success, a fun experience, and practical tools for life!

Development of motor ability and spatial vision

Development ability to analyze engineering processes

Strengthening self-confidence

Strengthening self-confidence

Creativity and independent thinking

Entrepreneurship and decision making

Entrepreneurship and decision making

Understanding physical laws


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