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Years of experience in education, science, and engineering
Boys and girls who enjoy experiential learning every year
Professional science and engineering teachers
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Let's StartUp!

Our method was developed by Ariel and Silvana Friedman after 28 years of experience in education, engineering, and science. We aim to enable a developing, creative and fulfilling learning environment for boys and girls of all ages.

Understanding physical laws

Entrepreneurship and decision making

Entrepreneurship and decision making

Encouraging creativity and independent thinking

Development of motor ability and spatial vision

Analyze engineering processes

Strengthening self-confidence

Strengthening self-confidence

Through a unique and fun learning method, we encourage our students to step out of their comfort zone, think creatively and learn out of genuine curiosity โ€“ just like adults who live in the fast startup world.
Engineering club

We pursue personal and individual guidance, so our groups consist of only 10-15 children.

Engineering club

Our classes take place once a week for an hour and a half.

Engineering club

As active students in the class, the children will solve engineering problems and learn concepts and principles from engineering, science, and programming.

Engineering club

Each lesson, has itโ€™s own story that contains engineering problems that must be solved in order for the childran to advance with the plot.

Engineering club

Our lessons were developed by qualified educators and engineers.

Our method

We do things differently (:

Our class is delivered in an experiential, interactive way while fully listening to the needs of the participants and age adjustments.

Every week we will embark on unforgettable adventures!

To advance in the game in each class, we will solve engineering problems while learning basic principles and concepts in engineering, programming, electricity, and more.

British school engineering club
Engineering club

We encourage children to participate in classes without fear while being closely accompanied and professionally trained.

Our teachers are professionals from the fields taught in the programs and have undergone professional training.

We emphasize attention for every child – so that each participant leaves the class with a sense of achievement and success, a fun experience, and practical tools for life!

Method developers

It runs in the family ๐Ÿ˜‰ From an idea to execution that went beyond our wildest dreams โ€“ we believe that a successful startup starts in a safe and supportive place, in the family.

Silvana Friedman
Silvana Friedman is an educator, science and technology teacher from the Ministry of Education with a master’s degree in science teaching.
Ariel Friedman
Ariel Friedman is a senior mechanical engineer with wide experience in the Israeli and international industry. A father of Dar and Paz and also Silvanaโ€™s son.

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Electrical network

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Engines and gears

British school engineering club

Colors and light

British school engineering club

Solar System

Energy conservation

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